rack unstacker

240 to 360 racks / hour

Equipment allowing to automatically
present 2 or 3 racks
on an inclined surface to an operator
who is loading a wrapping machine

tooling :

  • 1 unstacker
  • 1 rack separator
  • 1 release wheel
  • 1 product separator

In option :

  • Rack re-stacking by 5
  • 2 stacks of racks on standby


  • Allow to reduce the tediousness of the work station: The operator no longer has to unload the stacks of racks, which can be up to 1.90 m high, by himself.
  • Simple device capable of eliminating tedious operator movements Increases job productivity by 20%.
  • Stainless steel
  • Entry of the complete stack in the unstacker
  • Adaptable on all machines with 1 or 2 standby stacks (optional)
  • Adaptable to all types and brands of wrapping machines
  • Adaptable to any type of stack of racks
  • Conform to the European directives as regards safety and the standards relating to hygiene (EC).

technical characteristics

Air6 Bars
Optoelectronic safety devicesIFM/SICK
Dimension of the rack unstacker2700 x 1650 x 2870 cm
Ceiling height required3250 cm