labelling machine

5 000 labels/ hour

All our accessories are designed and manufactured
in our factories. They allow you to optimize
your packaging line from the bare product
to its final boxing.

tooling :

  • 1 unstacker
  • 1 rack separator
  • 1 release wheel
  • 1 product separator

In option :

  • Rack re-stacking by 5
  • 2 stacks of racks on standby


  • Integration for top or bottom labeling
  • Labeling by applicator pad or by lapping
  • Adaptable to all types of label rolls geometrical shapes, colors, sizes
  • Labeling by applicator pad or by lapping

In option :

  • ntegration of all types of thermal or inkjet markers (intermittent or continuous mode)
  • End of roll detection
  • Brushless motorization ensuring a very high precision of deposit